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New Spring Summer 2016 Arrivals – pineapple print shirtdress + silver vintage viscose

NEW PINEAPPLE PRINT SHIRTDRESS + DELUXE SILVER VINTAGE VISCOSE: New pineapple print featured in: black print shirtdress / grey print shirtdress + the tape swing shirt Four sweeping silhouettes featured in silver vintage viscose: v… Continue reading

New SS2016 collection has arrived – black/white grid meets colourful spikey berries

TWO GRAPHIC JAPANESE COTTON BLOCK PRINTS. Beautiful colour in the ‘spikey berry’ print feature in: crop jacket / back button tunic / japan crop pant For those who love clean black and white,… Continue reading

Abstract print on soft wool/viscose has arrived in store

A stunning, edgy abstract print on a luxuriously soft wool/viscose can be seen in three favourite styles: – Cocoon coat – Back button tunic – Crop jacket This edgy print can be highlighted… Continue reading

Italian luxury merino has arrived in charcoal marle

Nicola Waite – Italian luxury merino has arrived in charcoal marle. Our second colour way – charcoal marle has arrived in store, repeating the same 4 styles as were delivered earlier in black… Continue reading

Two stunning Italian fabrics in four favourite styles

Italian viscose sheers feature in two easy to wear overpieces. Italian textured wool with a broken vintage laminate is very edgy in two favourite styles – the back button tunic (which can be… Continue reading

great winter sheers in kensington grid

Nicola Waite – great winter sheers in kensington grid Our printed kensington has been used in 4 beautiful sheer styles – reversible asymm overtop – scoop back tunic – side lift tunic –… Continue reading

Innovative, contemporary styles in Wool Botto

Nicola Waite – Innovative, contemporary styles in Wool Botto have arrived Our repeated favourite Wool Botto is available in 2x very contemporary new styles – Long a-line vest – Long hem dart pinafore… Continue reading

Chambray in sheers and stripes to highlight black

Chambray in stripe shirting and sheers add brightness and highlight to the sharp, clean lines of black. Add felted and ruched scarves along with accessories for both texture and polish. LOOKBOOK


Japanese grid embroidery, felted roku plaid and wool bangle scarves add great texture and finish to any interesting wardrobe.   LOOKBOOK

2x new effortlessly elegant modern dresses have arrived